Eat Drink Draw

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Hello, Eat Drink Draw! Farewell, Oels Bae Seasoning. 

Yes, it's true: As of today, our project has a new name. You can now find us here at, at @eatdrinkdraw on Twitter and Instagram, and Eat Drink Draw on Facebook

So what's up with the name change? We learned last week that our homage to a beloved regional spice blend could present a legal issue, so we decided to go back to the drawing board. This wasn't entirely bad news, as we'd realized over time that our old name, as adorably commingled and punny as it was, confused a lot of folks.

We spent some time brainstorming over new names (for a time, Hannah was pulling for "Bibimbae") before landing on Eat Drink Draw, a clear, succinct and miraculously available choice. Stay tuned for more food illustrations and writing from Eat Drink Draw!